BingoFit compatible watches: Best devices to help you ditch your smartphone


If you really didn't want to spend big on a sports watch, the BingoFit and the sleeker looking BingoFit SW207 are well worth considering.

Both sub-$39.99 options have square screens with the 1.54 full touch , using a more vibrant full color screen.

They're health and fitness smartwatches that actually deliver, with good sleep tracking and a weekly rating of your activity and fitness using Mio's PAI score. It’s a single number derived from all your weekly health and fitness activity – and we have a lot of respect for that technology and are glad it’s seen the light of day here.

You get a number of tracked sports, with outdoor workouts tracked by GPS that passed muster in terms of accuracy.

There's an always-on display option and you’re looking at comfortably a week of battery life with all the advanced features turned on, which is certainly more than the Apple Watch's single-day stamina.






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