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Compatibility with Mobile


NOT SUPPORTED: Windows/Amazon Kidle/Amazon Fire/PC/

Tablet/Ipad/SAMSUNG J1/J2/J3/J5/J7

Download the APP

Search "JYouPro" App on the App store or Google Play store. 

Or scan the QR code to download:


Wear SW218

Placement for all-day wear vs exercise:

When you're not exercising, wear SW218 a finger's width above 

your wrist bone.


For optimized heart-rate tracking while exercising:

· Try wearing SW218 higher on your wrist during exercise for 

an improved fit and more accurate heart-rate reading.


· Make sure the watch is in contact with your skin.

· Don't wear your watch too tight, a tight wristband restricts 

blood flow, potentially affecting the heart-rate signal. The 

watch should be slightly tighter (snug but not constricting)during exercise.

With high-intensity interval training or other activities where 

your wrist is moving vigorously and non-rhythmically, the 

movement may limit the sensor's ability to provide a heart-rate 

reading. If your watch doesn't show a heart-rate reading, try 

relaxing your wrist and staying still briefly.

Change the wristband

To remove the wristband:

1.Turn over SW218 and find the quick-release lever.

2.While pressing the quick-release lever inward, gently pull the 

wristband away from the watch to release it.

3.Repeat on the other side.


To attach a wristband:

1. Attach the wristband with the clasp to the top of the watch. 

Slide the pin (the side opposite the quick-release lever) into the 

notch on the watch.


2. While pressing the quick-release lever inward, slide the other 

end of the wristband into place.


3. When both ends of the pin are inserted, release the 

quick-release lever.

Charge your watch


Pair with phone


1). Make sure your phone bluetooth is on.

2). Open "JYouPro" App, on the bottom toolbar, go to

"Device" tab.

3). Tap to "+ Add Peripheral Now" to search the device 

named SW218-XXX to connect. The Watch will synchronize 

time with your phone after paired.


Check connect state


Forget device


Long press the screen 2s, you can choose one dial you like.

Short press button, it show the watch dial.

Long press button 4s, it show shutdown options appear.

Change watch faces

Change dial steps : In the watch main interface, hold the screen 

to change the theme interface.


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