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1. Q: It is really waterproof? what if i meet the rainy day when I’m out door?

A: Yes, this one does do well in waterproof, i have tried to throw it into the water bucket for over 3 hours, and it's still alive and working good after that.


2. Q: how to keep the app running on the phone?

A: Please find our app at setting, please turn on Background APP refresh.


3. Q: Are the sleep analysis results displayed on watch? Or it can only be viewed in our phone?

A: App has analysis of sleep results, you can check it.


4. Q: Can the ability to receive calls, texts, etc. be disabled so a child does not receive this information?

A: Yes


5. Q: Can I track where my kid is while they are wearing this?

A: No


6. Q: How do change the date.?It currently shows wring date and year?

A: Pair the tracker with the APP, and the watch will automatically synchronize the mobile phone time!


7. Q: How far does your phone have to be to continue for your watch to connect?

A: The watch and mobile phone connection distance is about 5-10 meters.


8. Q: Does it accurately track minutes of activity? Especially around the house?

A: Yes, I find that it is accurate.


9. Q: How do I keep the watch continuously paired with an iPhone? The watch keeps disconnecting from pairing every day.

A: About your question, Device must connect with App. Please don't pair directly by Bluetooth on the phone. In iOS device you need to agree the pop up window message, click "pair".


10. Q: How to connect to a new phone?

A: First step, please disconnect our device on app and need forget this device on phone Bluetooth.

Second step, new phone download JYouPro and open it. you can find FT903 and connect it.

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