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1. Q: How do I charge it?

A: Hi, it has a built-in USB plug, carefully take off the strap, then insert the side with metal sheet to any charger or laptop to charge.


2. Q: Can you set multiple alarms ?

A: Yes, You can set it.


3. Q: Can you synchronized 2 watches to the app?

A: Sorry,it can't.one time just connect one watch.


4. Q: Can you see the sleep time on the watch screen or just on the app?

A: Not on the watch but on the app


5. Q: Can you get an analogue screen?

A: Yes,it has an analogue time dials.


6. Q: Does the fitness tracker need to be set up to a phone up to you

A: The phone is needed to set goals (steps, calories etc) and personal info (age, weight, height, length of step). It also retains historic performance and can provide GPS views. Once it is set up it doesn’t need to be taken on walks/runs. I don’t know if some basic information can be tracked without the initial set up and synchronization.


7. Q: Will HR monitor still work if Bluetooth is turned off?

A: Yes,it will.The watch can monitor your HR alone.


8. Q: Can you sync two trackers to one phone? I have two young kids.

A : Hi there, Thank you for your question. Sorry to let you know, you can't sync two trackers to one phone. Hope it can help you, if you have any question, pls feel free to contact us by email.


9. Q: How do you change the watch face display?

A: Hi there,Thank you for your question.

You just find the five category(is four small frame together in a pattern), then long press 2 seconds, and the second is switchable dial.


10.Q: Does the app record heart rate?

A: yes, it does. It can record your heart rate whole day, and record the app, so you can looking through the weekly, monthly, and annual records.

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