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1.Q: has anybody been able to take a photo on it?

A:Yes. works well and easy to setup!


2.Q:Is it possible to set the do not disturb model?

A:Yes, it's. You can set up in the "F Fit" app.


3.Q:Is it waterproof? Can i go swimming with it?

A:Hi, it's IP67 WaterProof. You don't worry the rainwater and sweat will damage the watch, but not advised to wear it have a bathe with hot water or swimming.


4. Q:Does it have a vibrating alarm? mine only lights up, but that definitely does not wake me up.

A:Hi there,

Yes, it have vibrating alarms.

Sorry to tell you that the vibration strength could not adjust, it's fixed in firmware.

It's standard vibration strength, if higher than this, the motor power consumption will increased, which will loose the small electronic components, so the watch won't work long. 

Hope it can help you.


5. Q:How to charge it?

A:Hi, it comes with a USB cable,clamp the two dot on the back of display,then insert the usb side to phone charger or laptop.



6. Q:Does the watch work with samsung 8plus ?

A:Hi, it's compatible with Android 4.4 & IOS 9.0 or above smart phone.



7. Q:Does the watch vibrating when i receive a call or message?

A:Yes, it does.



8. Q:Is it waterproof? Can i go swimming with it?

A:Yes, it's IP67 waterproof. But you can't swimming with it. It belongs to IP67 life waterproof, wash your hands, splash water, and drizzle is all right.



9. Q:does it have a stopwatch?

A:Yes, it has a stopwatch.



10. Q:does this actually have a 'find phone' feature or just a 'find watch' feature?

A:It has both of them,you can find phone by the watch and find the watch in the app.

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