BingoFit Eden Smart Watch Fitness Tracker, Waterproof Touch Screen Activity Tracker Watch with Heart Rate Monitor

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  • Touch Screen Design for Fiitness Tracker: Swiping the screen to enter different interface and switch different data.Left and right buttons have different usage functions.Download the VeryFitPro App for iOS or Andriod device for detailed exercise data and more functions.
  • Heart Rate & Sleep Monitoring:Using the best chips, HR Monitor,monitor heart rate automatically and continuously on your wrist. You can check your history heart rate data in the app after you synced the data; Sleep monitor,track how long you spending in deep and light sleep to give you a clear picture of your sleep quality.
  • Multi-Modes and All-day Activity Tracking: This is a powerful fitness tracker. Accurately record all-day activities like steps,distance,calories burned,music controller,relax,Alarm clock,Timer,Women health tracking.Receiving call, calendar, SMS and SNS (Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter) notifications on display; never miss the messages that matter.
  • USB Charging and Multifunction: It comes with Charging Cable.Buckle the watch into the charger seat, insert the USB plug into a USB charger to charge the device.The device is compatible with IOS8.0 & above and Android 4.4 & above.
  • Reliable Quality Guaranty: Please just contact us freely for any quality problems, we would be much glad to help you out.
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    1. Q: Can I call through it?

      A: Yes,it can not make calls,but it will have the notification when mobile phone has incoming call.

    2. Q: Does it fit with Android 7 ?

      A:Yes,it does. The smart watch is compatible with Android 4.4 and above. All functions works well with Android 7. It’s also compatible with ios 8 and above.

    3. Q: How do i get help to receive text messages? I still can’t figure it out.

      A: Here is some advice:
      1. please Restart your phone and watch, try to redownload “VeryFitPro ” app from apple store or google play, then to connect.
      2. please check you turn off not disturb mode.
      3. please check your phone’s setting turn on call/sms notifications?

    4. Q: I hardly wake up at morning,Can’t get late for job,right? So, can it set 3 or more clocks to wake me up?

      A: Yes,it can. You don’t need to be worried,it can set at least 10 clocks.

    5. Q: I’m unclear with the sports mode, what’s that for?

      A: Normally the calories consumings are different when do different sprot.The smart watch will record your calories consuming when you are doing sports.It has 10 sports mode for calculating calories consuming.

    6. Q: I don’t feel like something being heavy around wrist,it this watch heavy?

      A: This smart watch is lightweight. You hardly feel it’s weight when put it on. Best part is that you will feel cool with it when do any sports.

    7. Q: Does this watch let you know if you have a voice mail?

      A: You can receive the message, but you can’t hear the voice. It doesn’t have speaker.

    8. Q: What app do I need to download?

      A: Just download and install the “VeryFitPro” app on your mobile phone. And then,open up the blueteeth on you mobile phone and search the smartwatch to connect with the watch.

    9. Q: Can you swim with this on?

      A: It still works well within 10 meters deep.But we normally not recommend you wear it on when swim.

    10. Q: How does it work when messages coming in?

      A: When you receive the message, the smart watch will pop up the message and display text.

    12 reviews for BingoFit Eden Smart Watch Fitness Tracker, Waterproof Touch Screen Activity Tracker Watch with Heart Rate Monitor

    1. Chris Havlik

      It’s pretty good for what it is in terms of price, etc…

    2. Sandra Popik

      Like the watch, but I do not own a smart phone, so I cannot use either Da Fit or EveryFit apps. Hopefully someday I can locate an app that will work with my Amazon HD8 Fire Tablet. Any suggestions?

    3. Vincent Paul

      It is a and great product and i love it

    4. Michael westreich

      I am not sure if the blood pressure is accurate but it’s close.

    5. Robert Lauder

      I wish that the blood pressure monitor was accurate. Everything else is good.

    6. Chris Hatfield

      Haven’t had the watch long enough to know if it’s useful at all.

    7. Justin Kyei-Frimpong

      Good fit and does what I need it to

    8. Joseph J Culfa

      Very intuitive and easy to read yet simple

    9. Steve Bracke

      This is my first smart watch and I have generally favorable impressions. I’m less interested in tracking physical activity and more interested in text and phone notification. Would prefer the ability to see only Time, Weather/Temp, and Text Message screens only.
      Appearance of the watch, quality of the display and comfort wearing the watch are all very good. Would like greater control of what info the watch will display.



    11. E.Craig Hickok

      This was purchased as a Christmas gift. He really hasn’t had enough time to give a good review. Right now we’re trying to figure out how to set the clock, etc. They should have included more information in the package to do this as well as access the features.
      The band is nice, it feels good. Wish the clock would stay on a little longer, about the time you get it to show it goes dark. You’ll have to let him use it for a few months before you’re going to get a really good review.

    12. charles tunis

      after 2 months of use, it will not sync with the android app

    13. C Money

      Great stuff!
      never thought i would buy a watch that comes from other than the fruit brand. But I really liked it! I used this item when i go jog and work out. When you go on a treadmill, it takes forever for the sensor to read your heartrate, and it’s might not be that accurate and bounce around…. With this watch, I read my heartrate easily! Money on the spot!

    14. AcimTara

      Good competitor to big brands
      Ok, I tried a few of these smartwatches, activity trackers, or smart bands… I should say this one is one of a kind in its budget size. I’ve been using it for a while now, the battery lasts for more than 2 weeks with a full charge. I sync it with my phone, the app shows all the reports, every details…The watch is easy to use, has many features as it was described on the page, I love the bracelet, the shape and the look, and the screen size. I was asked if it was a real one, I told my story, price, features, battery life, etc… They asked for the link, at least 2 that I know bought it just because of me.

    15. Yuanqiong Tang

      Great watch for sports
      I go hiking a lot and I needed a watch to record the steps. I saw this watch in Amazon with affordable price and I bought it. It turns out to be a great fit for me. All the features work as it advertised:Heart rate monitor, Breathing Training, Music Control, Female Physiological Cycle, Steps, Calories, Notifications reminder, Intelligent sleep tracker, Alarm clock, Stop Watch, SedentaryThe interface is intuitive. I only need to use the button on the right side to wake it up. Then use 4It’s also water proof so I don’t have to take it off when I take a shower.  Very easy to operate. The battery seems lasting very long. I have used it for full 2 days and the battery still looks like 90% full.

    16. honeyyangel

      Awesome watch great value
      This is really a great smart watch.  I bought it for my husband.  It looks good on him and he said it is comfortable on his wrist. The build quality is excellent. Screen is bright and the perfect size for him.  Setup was easy–just use the QR code to get the recommended app.  He was able to update the watch to the latest firmware without trouble.  There are 4 watch faces to choose from, but he ended up sticking with the default. Once he clicked on a few settings in the app, everything just worked: text, call, calendar and reminder notifications all worked. The watch seems to be accurate with step counts. The sleep monitoring function is great and works well. Battery life is FANTASTIC– he charged the watch after opening the box and it lasted FIVE days before it needed a recharge. Wow! It has stayed paired with his phone without interruption. I’m glad I didnt buy a more expensive watch for him–this one does everything he needs for a lot less money.

    17. Irina

      Nice design and easy to use!
      This is my first smartwatch and I like it so far. I got red color and its very nice, so I got several compliments from my friends already. I like that it has all the fitness tracker functions and well connected to the phone. I have Samsung and it was easy to install the app and connect them. Now I get all the messages and notifications to my watch, so I don’t have to run to my phone every time. Charging time is around 1-2 hours and it goes fine for couple of days after that. Love it!

    18. Kim

      It does everything that I need for my fitness journey!
      I’m glad I found this Fitness Smart Watch! I bought this because I just started my fitness journey and this time I want to say that I am more serious about it. I wanted something that monitors my activities, like running, walking, heart-rate, etc. And this watch does it all! It does more than I need it for and the price is not expensive compared to others that does the exact same thing. It is accurate, records every step. Easy to set-up and use. The battery life is also great! I charge overnight and it last up to several days.

    19. Jason

      Lightweight smartwatch
      It is 13” colorful touchscreen and lightweight. The screen will turn on automatically when turn your wrist, and this sport tracker weighing only 1.34oz (38g), soft breathable strap which make wearing more comfortable. It is including 14 Sports Mode, profession for indoor or outdoor sport, and check your real-time steps, calories consumption, distance, heart rate all day. This smart sport watches full charge requires only about 1 hour and the standby time can be 5-7 days, APP compatible with iOS 8.0 above and Android 5.1 above smart phones (not for iPad, tablet or PC), just easy install the “VeryFitPro” app in your Android iOS Phone and device pairing. The main function is heart rate monitor, breathing training, music control, female physiological cycle, steps, calories, notifications reminder, Intelligent sleep tracker, alarm clock, stop watch, sedentary etc. Even the heart rate and blood pressure monitor is just for reference only, it is still really cool tool to have around you.

    20. EV

      Smartwatch loaded with features
      I compared this with my iwatch and I felt it had all the necessary features for my dad. Features like heart rate monitor, sleep tracker and fitness tracker are all what my dad would use. My dad installed the app and enables more features. The app is user friendly and easy even for elders to use. The display is big and bright enough to be viewed in daylight. It has long battery life and its waterproof. The watch design is sleek and seems high quality for the price, definitely bang for the buck.


      Elegant design
      I found this watch very practical, it brings several sports that can measure calories, The average heart rate, the distance traveled, I am using the yoga, spinning and running that are the sports I do, it is very easy to use, the application takes time to understand but it synchronizes perfectly with the phone, so I receive notifications when someone calls me when I am in the gym that I find very useful, since there I do not have the cell phone, the design seems elegant, and its band of Silicone has holes so it allows my skin to breathe while I exercise.

    22. Uday

      Good smart watch
      I brought this watch to gift to my cousin back in India as I am visiting him next month and I thought this would be a nice gift to him as he likes smart watches a lot. I used this watch a couple of times before writing this up and I was impressed with the functionality given the price of the watch. The best thing is that it can be easily and synced up with my iPhone so that as soon as my workout completes, I can see the work out stats on my phone. Overall impressed with the watch.

    23. MacKenzie McGrath

      Great price
      Perfect simple smart watch to track your workouts. Easily connects to your phone to show texts and call notifications. Has multiple functions for different workouts. Great watch for a fantastic price

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