BingoFit Epic Fitness Watch, Waterproof Activity Tracker Step Counter with Music Control and Heart Rate Monitor

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BingoFit Epic Fitness Tracker of Great Reviews

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  1. Q: Is it compatible with iPhone 11?

    A: Yes, you need to install the “VeryFit” app on your phone.

  2. Q: Can i swim with the tracker?

    A: Not suitable for swimming, but it can handle a bit of water while washing hands.

  3. Q: How many watch faces are available?

    A: 3.The part of wtach face can be DIY.

  4. Q: How does the sleep monitoring function work?

    A: The watch only monitors sleep at a fixed time.It monitors your sleep from 20:00 to 10:00 automatically.

  5. Q: Is this a full touch screen or a single touch screen?

    A: Single touch. More convenient to use.

  6. Q: How many sports modes does the tracker have?

    A: 7.Including basketball, football, badminton, skipping, etc.

  7. Q: How do you change the time?

    A: It should sync up with the app.

  8. Q: Do i need to carry a mobile phone all the time?

    A: You don’t have to always take your phone with you.Just kindly make sure you have synced the tracker to your phone at beginning and sync to the app later,it will record all data for a week.

  9. Q: Does it tell you the number of calories burnt ? And is it accurate ?

    A: It counts activity calories but does not take into account the calories burned just by breathing like others do.

  10. Q: Does the watch also work with the Apple Health APP?

    A: Yes, the watch has its own APP “EveryFit”, but also work with the Apple Health APP.

1 review for BingoFit Epic Fitness Watch, Waterproof Activity Tracker Step Counter with Music Control and Heart Rate Monitor

  1. Michelle Mclemon

    Amazing watch, trendy and modern look cheaper than alot of other high street brands and dies the same thing, very good quality and value for money.

    Battery life lasts forever only charged it once since started using it a week ago and still has charge left in it.

    Very easy to use and the ease of access is spot on.

    Will definitely be buying off this seller again.

    Overall I’m happy with this outstanding product 😁

  2. Ana F

    It’s not just a simple smart watch it’s a tracker as well but with unique design. I got this watch to monitor my sports and daily achievements. Nice colour although simple design makes it look very fashionable. Compared the blood pressure from the machine and monitor and was spot on as well as heart beat rate. I have tracker on the phone but this watch is more precise as it much easier to carry on your wrist compare to the phone, sometimes you need to put it down or simply don’t take with during the house errands. Very pleased with it so far. Also not to mention the charger is so unique and simple you just clip it in on the watch instead of dismantling the bracelet and trying to connect to usb. Great device. Recommend.

  3. Luxsaan

    It’s a basically Wonderful Smart Watch
    I came cross this Smart Watch , the specification was perfect, the price was great and it was prime delivery.I received the Smart Watch the next day, which was amazing. I have had the Smart Watch for just over a week now. And it’s simply amazing. It is made from strong metal and plastic. It doesn’t feel or look cheap. It looks really nice. I really like the design. It works perfectly, I didn’t have any problems with it. Set uptook 10mis, the screen is nice and bright. Tracking is good.Bonus, at this price range it was a great buy. So you can’t fault it on that and am very happy with the product quality all round am highly satisfied. It’s a basically Wonderful Smart Watch

  4. Brad Carter

    Excellent value for money smartwatch
    I received the watch on 27th April 2019 – that is 30 days ago – and have charged it 4 times including the initial charge. As I write there is still a 48% charged state, which indicates that it holds a charge for quite a bit longer than indicated on Amazon’s website.I use the watch as a measuring system for a health weight reduction programme I have started, which includes cycling and walking as well as keeping a record of my health state as indicated by heart beat and the oximeter functions on the watch, which is really what I wanted the watch for. I use it in conjunction with an iPhone, although I don’t keep them permanently linked all day – only when I need them to link.I have used all the facilities on the watch, but, as indicated above, use mainly for the health recording features. The time keeping is accurate as it takes its synchronisation from link to the iPhone, though still maintains accuracy when not linked, making it a useful timepiece. I could not justify the cost of most of the smart watches on the market but at the price for this one thought it well worth the risk buying at the price on offer which included a discount promotion.I can’t t verify the accuracy of all the functions. I have compared the results against a pedometer and find that ‘steps’ are almost exactly the same for measured walks. The BPM for heart rate does seem to be correct within one or two beats comparing against a blood pressure monitor.This watch is exactly what I need, is simple enough to set up and is a very useful tool in my fitness programme. The software – ‘Every Fit’ is okay, if a bit clunky. If disconnected from the Bluetooth link then the next time it links some of the detailed information and function disappears and can only be started up again by uninstalling and reinstalling the app, however, the information is lost for past recording. Some attention needed to update the software app.Overall excellent value for money for anyone wanting the functional simplicity without lots of ‘bells and whistles’ offered by the much more expensive range of other smart watches.

  5. Lynn

    Good present.
    I bought the smart watch for my husband.He love it so much.Instead of black and white screen,it has Colorful Screen! It can monitor him and got long lasting battery life.It can improve our experience,it can measure heart rate,it can track activities throughout the day and it has massage alarm.By the way,I recommended it to all of  you.

  6. Aleksandra

    Good value for the money
    This smart watch fitness tracker is great quality, strap is very comfy and soft to wear it. Large round screen with colorful display, very clear and eye catching to look at it. Bought this one cause I like modern design look, looks like normal watch and it is snatch watch the same time. Bought myself with purple strap for feminine look, but if needed for men you can buy black one, so it’s unisex really. My previous fitness tracker that I had I loved it, but accidentally smashed it, so this time decided to go with this one and very pleased, it’s has much more to offer for a good price. It has so many features in it that I really like, 7 sport modes, sleep monitor, record all activities like steps counting, calories burnt, running, cycling, and much more. Very handy to get notifications from my phone like messages, calls or social media notifications, great when your phone on silent mode or you just can’t hear it outside when it’s noisy. It’s very easy to use, just need to get an app for phone, downloaded iPhone app and that’s it ready to go, works well with my iPhone. Good battery life even in use, no need to charge for few days. Comes with charging cable. Overall very happy with purchase, good value and quality for the money paid. Could make great gift idea for both female and male.

  7. Liviu

    Looks great and feels premium
    I really like how is it charging. It came nicely packaged and the box looks minimalistic. I like it as it looks more of a day watch, rather than the rectangular shape fitness trackers that look for sports only. this can be taken when going out too.It’s the first time i try fitness tracker that is not rectangular and i really like it. It has many features and it looks and feels premium, really good price-quality.

  8. Valerie Gail bartlett

    Great smart watch.
    Considering the low cost of this watch I am pleased how good it is I bought it after a recommendation from a friend who bought this exact one after seeing his I bought it straight away.The watch arrived promptly in a very nice presentation box it arrived with everything that is needed to get started the user manual was very clear to understand.The quality of this smartwatch is great it’s made from good quality materials it feels very durable indeed I especially like the big display screen and the elegant strap.When it arrived I charged it straight away Setting up was easy download the app the watch links with the phone and vise versa by linking it with the app it automatically altered the time and date etc.The screen is bright enough everything works perfectly fine i like the steps counter I also like the fact that I can check my Heart rate when out.What makes this such a cracking little device is the amount you get for the price not everyone can afford the fitbit or such names as Apple Garmin etc this offers the user the ability to have what everyone else has at a affordable price.The battery life is extremely good after a full charge we have had about five to six days from one charge which is good enough for me and I can’t ask for more.So far this smartwatch has been very presise Overall this is a great little smartwatch at such a great low price based on my experiences so far I would not hesitate in recommending this smartwatch from BingoFit.

  9. Sh3ll’s

    Bingofit smartwatch
    Love this watch it stands out with the bright screenIts got everything you needThree screens to choose from or use your own wall paperThe sleep app is very accurate even tells you how long you were awake it showed 3 mins awake and it’s spot onThe step counter goes of your measurements step weight and heightLots more sports modesI like the blood pressure as i have high blood pressure and this is good to keep a check on itWeather app looks nice when the sun is out you see a sunshine spinningYour text messages come on the screen it’s good when you can’t get your phone outReally easy to connect one downloaded everyfit it found it in about 2 secondsLove the way you can control your music on the phoneThis is the best smart watch i have seen or used

  10. stella

    Love love it
    Really happy with my purchase, got exactly what expected- nice, comfortable, trendy fitness tracker. I love unusual round display with huge numbers.The watch links to an app and you can review a record of various tracked features over several days.I am a huge fan of the BP monitoring and find it is only marginally out of accuracy when compared to my BP monitor.The design is clean and simple and looks great when worn.It is touch screen with a great battery life, charging is quick and easy so you don’t have to be without it for too long. I do get alot of compliments on this it is a bit different then the standard looking smart watches.I like to keep my reviews short and sweet and straight to the point!Is it good value for money = YesWould I buy it again = YesWould I recommend it to a friend = YesIs it easy to use/set up = YesIf you found my review useful please let me know by clicking below!

  11. Avaandneve

    Great and you can even personalise the screen
    This watch is great I didn’t realise till after I bought you could download your own picture to the watch. Hence picture to show, choose picture and time colour great added extra. Seem to hold battery life and step well. Easy to link to app and most importantly easy to use

  12. O.Petriv

    Excellent watch for keeping track of daily activity.
    Excellent watch for keeping track of daily activity, running, very comfortable to wear, excellent purchase. Very simple and quick to both setup and use and provides with everything you need. I bought as a present for my friend, who hasn’t stopped talking about it and showing all the things she can do with it.  Would definitely recommend this

  13. Karina Pomeranceva

    Great product!
    I m very happy I found this watch. There are quite a few functions to this watch. I m able to switch between displays. I can measure my blood pressure and heart rate, calories burned, measures my hours of rest and my steps. It looks very nice in comparison to other trackers. It was easy and quick to set up. Great value for money.

  14. Vjaceslavs

    style which I needed
    I live that smart watches – I love the style, I spend a lot of time find exactly that style.Big and round display, grey watch strap (an not plastic strap), compatibility with iphone and android.Functions which is important for me:-activity tracker-weather-message alert-blood oxygenHave some more functions, but other functions is not important for me

  15. Maggie33

    Perfect smart watch
    Very stylish watch. It has many functions you can choose from. It compatible with my iPhone which is great, didn’t have to spend a lot of money for iwatch. I can check my blood pressure which save my life few time lately. It has special charger so no batteries needed. You can check you mail, it vibrate when your phone rings and shows caller ID Too. It also counts your steps, it’s remote control to make photos for your phone. Iam gonna get another one for my gym freak sister too, she would love it.

  16. Drew

    With so much choice and being picky, it took me ages to decide which fitness watch to buy my partner.  She liked the beautiful strap on this, the steel bracelet looks amazing.  Functionality, I had a fitness watch myself previously that was highly rated on amazon, but the reliability of data and the fairly dull screen made me wonder what would arrive with a similarly reviewed product, but I need not worry, this watch is amazing! The screen is crisp and clear and vibrant.  Swiping between screens is smooth and not at all clunky.  The data it records is spot on and reliable and finally, the look, just beautiful.  I cannot recommend this watch enough, my partner never takes it off, even wore it for a recent wedding, it just does the job and looks the part also in any situation. 5 STARS 

  17. Sarah Holmes

    Exceptional value for money
    Having used a Fitbit in the past, I was a bit dubious about buying a ‘non-brand’ item. However, I love it and will not be going back to Fitbit. The screen is big and easy to read, with three choices of watch setting. The battery life is amazing. I charged it when I initially got it and I’ve had it a week now and the battery is still over 3/4 full. It is easy to charge too, as well as being easy to use. I would recommend this to anyone who is wanting to buy a non-branded tracker. It tracks exercise, heart rate, sleep, calories and a watch too. It also notifies when I receive a Facebook message, a WhatsApp message, text message and phone call. Just brilliant, I love it.

  18. lesya Prokipchuk

    Very very nice
    Very beautiful clock design is just great, I really liked it. I have a lot of features. A great screen that clearly shows all the information and even the weather. The battery holds long, very good and it’s convenient to charge this magnificent clock. This is just the dream of a leather lady wearing such a watch. I recommend Buy yourself or your friends and be satisfied!!!

  19. Samuel

    with GPS
    The GPS function attracted me in first place to be able to see how long and where you have been running ,walking…etc. It is a all around watch with all functions you desire for a fitness watch. Colour, round screen and light to wear are the plus qualities. I am not sure about sleep tracking based on your movements are that accurate but fun.Battery life is ok and the app isnt complete but does the job. Set up and go.

  20. Julie

    Smart watch.
    So far this smart watch has been fab. Easy to set up. Easy to use and good sized face which has a lot of info on it. Easy to read text messages, caller info shows on watch. Very pleased and would recommend. Well packaged also.

  21. V. Kravchenko

    Cool colored smart watch for a girl!
    I’ve been through few websites to find  smart watch ended up buying this particular one.Item arrived promptly, color matches as in description.Got it as a present for my daughter who loved it. Took half an hour to set it up through the app, instruction is clear all was straight forward.After about a week of using , she is well happy.The most helpful feature is the message alert and player gets used a lot. Also she used training feature for her tennis lessons.Would definitely recommend.

  22. Kate

    Simply Beautiful
    Loving this watch. The wide face makes for easier navigation of it’s features.  Simple to set up and link with phone.battery life is awesome, last ages before needing charging.  Strap makes it look more expensive than it is. It’s just a top notch watch

  23. sims

    Nice modern design
    Quick delivery, nicely packed… Superb watch !!! Nice modern design..Working perfectly with the app … Showing steps , calories, time , date and a lots of other important things….

  24. Lam Nguyen

    Great device
    Purchased this one for my son- Good design, date and time information are easy to read.- Good battery life (around 6 days).- The trap is wide and comfortable.- The tracker works well.- The heart rate is really useful.- Easy to connect to my Android phone. Just download the app and turn on the Bluetooth.Very happy with my purchase

  25. Valencio Pereira

    Great watch and fitness tracker
    This is a great watch and fitness tracker. I bought it for does everything I need it. Got the watch and was able to configure and sync very easily. Also monitors steps/sleep & many other cool things. This includes a heart rate monitor, step pedometer, sleep monitor, calories burned and distance traveled. It was super easy to set up and the price is also competitive and lower than branded ones. Lovely product.

  26. Simona

    Good value and very chic !
    If I bought watches for the whole family I had to buy one  for  my mother as  well 🙂 to be  fashionable  like us all :)She is very  happy especially because it has a large screen with large numbers . Also,is happy that is able to monitor and improve her sleep quality and monitoring the’s a very beautiful model,  that come very nicely packed.

  27. Rahul Patil

    Good looking fitnesses tracker
    Really good looking watch with many functions.Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor,Calorie Counter,Sleep Monitor,Counter Pedometer Stop Watch etc. One thing I really liked is you get notifications on calls and messages. You can also read WhatsApp messages.All in all very happy with the purchase.

  28. ilona

    As described
    I had this watch for few days now and can clearly say that it’s such a good attempt to the Apple Watch. First things first the design of the watch, the quality of the strap is perfect.  The pairing with the phone is pretty straight forward and the notifications come through pretty quick. All around this is a really good watch for a perfect amount of money.

  29. ZaraahmeD

    Cool watch!
    Was the perfect Christmas present for my sister. Watch looked very professional and sleek,it has many options that u can play around with and has easy instructions to set up the app on your phone to control it. Highly recommend as a present for teenagers

  30. Ozalla1

    Easy to operate
    In general  I quite liked this watch it’s quite simple and easy to operate. I needed a fitness watch with a big screen since I dont really like them tiny narrow screen watches. This one looks quite stylish like a more expensive smart watches. Quite comfortable to wear. A fitness watch with a stylish look that comes as a bonus.

  31. Dulaua G

    This fitness watch is easy to set up and as I am on blood thiners,I bruise easy, but this watch is comfortable to use and the Bp,Hr and SP0 2 monitors seem to be as accurate as any wrist worn device, it is excellent and at bargain at the price. More expensive devices to not have all the features that this does. The app seems to work very well.

  32. MRS M.

    Nice large face
    I’ve had a few fitness trackers now but I do like the large face on this one! It does have a lot of features and is easy to use too. I managed to get it set up and linked to my watch fairly quickly but the app isn’t as good as previous apps I’ve used. The step count may be slightly more sensitive too as it does seem to pick up a lot more movement than previous watches. Overall I really like the watch and the size of the face but I’m not a fan of the charger, it does seem quite fragile!

  33. RaeRae

    EXACTLY what I was looking for.
    This watch is so good. Much better than I expected for the price. I’m a teacher and wanted a watch that I could use to keep an eye on the time in lessons and also check texts occasionally and discreetly. This works perfectly. Love that you can track steps, blood pressure and heart rate. The option to put a picture on the watch face is lovely. Nice bright, big screen and decent battery time. So worth the money. Will be recommending to everyone I know.

  34. Sarah Jones

    Amazing watch, 100% satisfied!
    The watch arrived within 24 hours after purchase. It is so well packed it could be a great gift, although I bought it for my own use. It is fully changed very quickly, the battery seems last forever, I charged on day one I recieved it and I have been using it for 2 weeks and it still has 82% battery left. The apps are very easy to use. The material and the surface of the watch are very good quality, definitely worth the money.

  35. Gori Natalia

    Nice product
    Out of the box it has a premium feel. This watch is for my father. I like that with his help he can take care of health.App is easy to use and has plenty to help you track and improve on being more active and healthy.With me getting 3 days use with no need to charge!

  36. Mrs. Michelle Bates

    Fantastic, so easy to set up
    Having previously had two fitbit watches I needed a watch that I could read the screen info and see the time whilst out and about in the sunshine. I did a lot of surfing and toyed with the idea of spending £100 plus on other same style smart watches. Well I’m so glad I didn’t spend/waste that amount of money as for a fifth of that amount this watch does exactly what I need it to. It was so easy to configure with my phone even for me who really has the least amount of tech understanding.I highly recommend this smartwatch, don’t waste your hard earned money on ‘apple’ bragging rights when you can brag more about how little you spent for the same tech.

  37. Ecaterina

    Good working and nice looking smartwatch
    I don’t want to lose a chance to recommend this great smart watch. First I’ve noticed is the beautiful color- both gentle and can’t be unnoticed! The big screen looks so good and I can easily see and understand what it says! Very easy to use. It comes with a nice gift box. A great present for me)))) I love the fact that I know and can be in control with my pulse and oxygen! Very stylish, good working and nice looking!

  38. Abdullah

    Great and smart
    This is a beautiful, smart and unisex watch that boasts the common features of a smart watch. It has a lovely mesh strap which is comfy and easy to adjust. Includes: a calorie and step counter, heart rate, sleep monitor, stopwatch ,weather, alarm etc. Easy to use, just install the app by scanning the QR code. It has notification reminder, incoming call call notification, SMS notification, message notification and call rejection,instant messages of social media so great watch altogether

  39. ludmila

    Now It’s my favourite watch
    I bought this smart watch for gym. It’s amazing watch, looks modern, feel comfortable on wrist, perfect quality, big screen and very easy to use!I’m impressed how long battery life is!I getting more active with my lovely smart watch. It’s feel comfortable even when I sleeping. Check my sleep quality, heart rate, how many calories I was burned, counting my steps. Now I definitely know it’s my favourite watch. I would recommend.

  40. Salary

    Great fitness watch
    I love this fitness watch. I chose the grey strap and it’s a lovely light grey that goes with everything. Its extremely easy to use, you can choose your watch face style (3 options) love being able to see the screen in full sun which I couldn’t do with my old letscom one. Love that it holds three last three notifications too. Looked at the Samsung (similar shape and options at £229) so am really chuffed with this at just £34.99 would definitely recommend.

  41. AlexaF

    Nice watch
    The smart watch can be used as a pedometer watch.Tracker my steps accurately.You can also know the calories burned and the distance.Enter the heart rate watch face,Long press the control area,then I can know the heart rate conveniently.The call and message reminder function is good.It will vibrate me when receiving a call or a message.I can reject the call by long pressing.I can read the message content easily.

  42. Ludmila

    Never missed calls ever
    Fantastic fitness tracker. It’s realy nice designed. Looks more expensive that they are. Step counter works very clear and accurate. I don’t use sleep mode in life, but was interesting to check how it works, and can say that i been realy nice surprised. Long battery life and very easy to charge. Now i will never miss calls or messages, it was big problem brcause my phone always been on silence and was having a lot of complains from my friends and family, now i always know what happening and who need to speak with me. So realy happy with purchace

  43. sims

    great  watch !
    This smartwatch is a cool, nifty one.The quality of the materials are top quality.The Ingenuity of the watch is advanced for its time.Super easy to set up, set up in seconds.And connects to your phone in seconds.Very responsive and super at keeping track of your vital signs.Got this as an alternative to a Bluetooth watch or a pricier smartwatch. This is great, overall and well worth the price. The functions are all easy to understand and the included booklet made everything easy to understand for any new users like myself.

  44. Marina Fadeeva

    I love it
    I really like this BingoFit Epic Smart Watch, there is everything you need for sport and health. I have hearing problems, if they call me on the phone, and he’s in the bag, I don’t hear him.I did not hear the alarm clock in the morning, it was very difficult for me with this. Now this watch helps me in everything � Very comfortable and beautiful design them �one word smart watch!!!

  45. Simona

    Perfect watch
    Bouth that watch for my partner present, he was very happy and surprisedz because I know he want that wathes long time ago.Watch have big screen, you allow see the date, time, blood pressure, sped steps per day and phone call with messages. Also watches is waterproof, what is important, because my partner works on street and when is rain him do not be scared like watches will be wet.

  46. Master Mc

    Better than standard fitness trackers and cheaper than smart watches
    This watch has a good build quality better than the slim fitness trackers. It has a metal body due to which it felt like a real watch. The 20mm silicone straps were easily removable, so got changed mine to a leather one. The screen has only one touch spot which can be a little fiddly first but ok. The watch does have a  options like blood oxygen, heart rate etc. It does not have a built in GPS but the companion  app uses phones GPS instead to track runs. App is simple to pair and use on iPhone. Android wear os watches like huawei watch are laggy in comparison and dont work well with iPhones hence opted in for this watch.

  47. Tudor Ru

    Great little health monitor
    Purchased this for my daughter as all her friends have activity monitors wrist watches so as she wanted something more fashionable I taught that this one my be just perfect.I must say that I’ve never seen her so happy, and aparently her friends are quite jealous :)About the watch what can I say, after almost a week of usage the battery holds power quite good for few days, it has functions quite useful like steps counter, hart monitor, notifications for messages and calls, weather … The app is very easy to use and connect with the watch


    Long battery life
    Really happy with this purchase. The watch is very stylish. I like the form and the wrist strap colour. It’s very easy to connect with the phone and easy to use it. I like that I can customise the screen wallpaper. Has a few sport tipes. It is very easy to control phone’s cameras through the watch. Also it’s very easy to customise all notifications according to your own needs. A very important thing is that is waterproof so I can wear it while swimming. The sleep tracking shows the tipes of sleep you had during the night. From deep sleep to light one

  49. Tatyana

    Very satisfied!
    The BingoFit Epic Smartwatch is much better than I expected.The smartwatch was delivered very fast, in a nice box, looks amazing on the wrist.  I can see the display clearly even in the glare, also it records all-day activities:steps, distance, calories burned, blood pressure and active minutes with lots of modes. I can see calls and SMS keeping my phone out of sight.Very simple to use and great battery life. And also they offer 12-Month no-worry product warranty!!!Very happy with my purchase, would recommend it to my friends.

  50. Anastasia

    Battery life is impressive
    The mobil app is so easy to connect and install. The watch is ready to go as mine was at 50% straight out of the box. It has so many exciting and useful features, like sleep tracking, heart monitor, activity and steps monitoring. I really like the fact thay the watch is round, this gives it a sleek design. I had to charge charge it after 3 days,meaning a 50% battery would last me 3 days, so a full charge will last me almost a week!!!! Very happy with my purchase.

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