BingoFit Hali Fitness Watch Sport Smart Watch, Waterproof Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor for Kids Women Men

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  • 【Smart Messages】 The watch will vibrate to notify you that your phone has received a phone call, SMS text and SNS messages including Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Linkedin, Messenger, etc. Simply connect the bracelet via APP to your phone and confirm the device in the app, you will never miss a call and a message.
  • 【Four Different Stylish Design Watch Screen Main Interface】The smartwatch with 1.22 inch IPS full color screen offers excellent image quality. with high sensitive touch sensor, large screen is more beautiful. And different adjustment levels of brightness that enables you to see stats clearly, despite of dazzling sun.
  • 【10 Sport Modes and IP67 Waterproof 】Real-time Heart Rate Monitoring and Blood Pressure Monitor when you are sporting. Track your sport data, such as calories, steps, walking distance to calculate your calories burned. Running, Walking, Climbing, Riding, Ping-pong, Basketball, Badminton and Soccer and so on are supported by the fitness tracker. And waterproof rating up to IP67, best choice for fitness lover. But fitness trackers are not recommended for swimming or bathing.
  • 【Sleep Monitoring and Female physiological cycle Reminder】Automatically record time spent in light, deep and awake sleep quality, and you can see activity record by “KingFit” App. Women’s health tracking function through APP recording menstrualcycle and predict the ovulation period, helping you to improve a healthier lifestyle.
  • 【12 Monthes Warranty and Compatibility】We provide 1 year warranty from the date of original purchase from Amazon and reliable & friendly customer service. If there is anything unclear, please feel free to contact us. Compatible with iOS 8.0 and above and Android 4.4 and higher smartphones, please install the “KingFit” app in your phone, and pair device.
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    1. Q: Can i use this watch when play on beach, heavy rainy days or in the pool? How deep is the waterproof specification?

      A: Yes, it can be use on beach, rainy days and pool.
      But we don’t recommend to wear it while diving, swimming and taking shower.

    2. Q: I don’t feel like something being heavy around wrist,it this watch heavy?

      A:Our this smart watch is made with light weight, only 36g (1.26 oz ). You hardly feel it’s weight when put it on, Best part is that you will feel cool with it when do any sports.

    3. Q: How does the sleep monitoring function work?

      A: The watch only monitors sleep at a fixed time.It monitors your sleep from 18:00 to 10:00 automatically.

    4. Q: What’s the size and thickness of the fuselage

      A: screen: 1.22 inch colored display, watch thickness is 11mm
      watch length fit for 5.91-9.24 inch wrist.

    5. Q: What Android app does it use and can the app sync with Google Fit?

      A: Android APP: KingFit, download from play store or scan QR code from user manuel
      Can not sync with Google Fit

    6. Q: Compatible with ios and android No. Device requirement.

      A: This watch Compatible with IOS 8.0 & above and Android 4.4 & above. NOT SUPPORTED:Windows/ PC/ Tablet/ Ipad

    7. Q: Can I call through it?

      A: sorry,it can not make calls,but it will have the notification when mobile phone has incoming call.

    8. Q: I hardly wake up at morning,Can’t get late for job,right? So, can it set 3 or more clocks to wake me up?

      A: Yes,it can. You don’t need to be worried,it can set at least 10 clocks.

    9. Q: I’m unclear with the sports mode, what’s that for?

      A: Normally the calories consumings are different when do different sprot.The smart watch will record your calories consuming when you are doing sports.It has 10 sports mode for calculating calories consuming.

    10. Q: How does it work when messages coming in?

      A: When you receive the message, the smart watch will pop up the message and display text.


    1. longkang you

      Good tracking
      This Tracker Smartwatch gives my Heart Rate and Monitor my calories on my Android phone, Sleep Monitors the time you sleep.

    2. longkang you

      Beautiful watch
      It looks cool, the black appearance is very beautiful on the hand, I like it very much.

    3. John Kinsellagh

      good value for money
      Baby is very good, the appearance level of the watch is very high, the material of the screen is good, the battery is super durable, charging is relatively fast, one price one goods,

    4. Payal Layla

      Complete round screen
      I have bought other watch in past and it has square dial and limited access to screen. Compare to that this one has full access and complete round dial and screen till the edge. It has many other functions which I have tried to capture in the video. It is black in color and looks classy.

    5. Gervis Faria

      Nice design and long battery life!
      The design is beautiful and the measurements are accurate. The battery lasted up to 8 days, so it’s very good. I liked the diversity of sports that I can monitor (indispensable when I am going to train)

    6. Brightstar

      Receive mobile phone watch very like, immediately wear.Function good signal good positioning, style is also very like.The quality is reliable.Deep waterproof yo!The call is smooth and clear, and it is convenient to chat with others anytime and anywhere.

    7. Newman Cheryl

      A full-featured Watch
      The quality of the watch is very good. The time display on the watch is very beautiful. There are many functions. The wrist strap is beautiful and generous. It has complete functions and is convenient to use

    8. Kelvin Jaquez

      Comfortable and Practical Watch
      I like this watch very much. Its picture is clear and visible. Most of its functions have always been what I want. It’s very convenient for sports and fitness. It’s very comfortable to wear. It’s recommended for friends. I love it very much

    9. nate

      Nice product
      Nice watch

    10. Victoria Buckle

      Cool watch
      Receive the product to see the physical object is still very beautiful, very nice and cool watch

    11. Kamryn Waller

      Reliable quality
      The watch looks like it’s worth the price, the quality is trustworthy and the seller promises good quality

    12. Chen

      Good watchmy child like it!

    13. Syed Muhammad Nauman Hussain

      It’s fashionable to wear
      The appearance is very good-looking, send a friend to do birthday gift very like, wear very fashionable

    14. Brad

      Thin and small
      I have always wanted to buy a watch that fits me. This product is really perfect, thin and small

    15. Aaon R.

      Excellent quality and reasonable price
      Super beautiful to wear, excellent quality and reasonable price product packaging and logistics is extremely fast

    16. Jessica

      Excellent smart watch!
      This smartwatch does so much. It tracks heart rate, monitors sleep, pedometer, calorie burn, distance, alarm clock, message and call notifications, sedentary reminder, remote camera, find phone, and more. This Smart Watch is compatible with iOS 8.0 and Android 4.4 or above. It pairs up instantly and gets right to work. My son has been wanting a fancy iWatch and that is just not in the budget, but this affordable smart watch does just as much and won’t break me. I wouldn’t be comfortable spending that amount on a device for a teenager anyway. He has broken too many phones to be trusted with much. This watch is IP67 Waterproof and will track 10 different sport modes with activity. The screen is easy to read, lights up bright, and measures 1.3″. It charges in an hour for use of up to 7 days. That is longer than my fitbit that does so much less. Setup is easy and using it is a breeze with the app. Excellent smart watch!

    17. Jonathan

      Good quality gift
      My husband love it..

    18. Ghaith

      High quality smart watch
      I have the very first version of Apple Watch which becomes really old with the lack of updates, so I decided to buy this watch and give it a try, I’m really surprised with the quality of this watch! It has 4 intuitive watch faces that can be changed easily! The setup process is very easy and straightforward, just installed the app on my iPhone and paired the watch and boom it synced date and time and started working as expected. It supports a wide range of health activities including blood pursue, heart beat meter, activity tracking and many more! Battery charges very quickly and its lifetime is pretty decent and can stay in standby for couple days. Really great value for money, highly recommend purchase.

    19. Sam

      Great product for the price
      It doesn’t do as much as an Android Wear watch or the Apple Watch, but I don’t need all of those features, and this one still does plenty. It’s more of a fitness tracker than a full-blown smart watch. It measures steps, heart beat, blood pressure (though I’m skeptical about the accuracy), blood oxygen level, and sleep cycles. There’s also an app for it that allows you to track and test all of these measurements on your phone, which is really convenient. On top of the fitness stuff, it also allows you to control your phone’s camera and music through the watch, so it does pretty much anything I would need it to.The best thing about this watch is the battery life. I got it last Wednesday, and it came with about an 80% charge. I haven’t charged it yet, but have worn it every day, showing off all the features to people, and right now it’s at 26% as I type this. That means it’s just gone down 54% in 5 days with a lot of use.So, to sum it up – it has all the features I want, but is missing some features I don’t care about, and the battery life is amazing.

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