BingoFit Vito Smart Watch, Water Resistant Fitness Tracker Watch Color Screen with Heart Rate Monitor Activity Tracker

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  • ★5 Different Theme & Brightness Levels:The Smart Watch have 1.3 Full Color Screen with High Sensitive Touch Sensor offers excellent image quality. 5 different watch faces is designed to be worn as extension of your personal style. 5 different levels of brightness that enables you to see stats clearly despite of dazzling sun.
  • ★24 Hours Activity Tracking & GPS Connect: Real-time Heart Rate Monitoring and Blood Pressure Monitor. All-Day tracking your sport data, such as calories, steps, walking distance to calculate your calories burned. Opening the “GPS movement” mode to display the running route in the App.
  • ★Call & Message Reminder: Phone Call/SMS/SNS Alert, Fitness Watch will vibrate when you receive the message so that you won’t miss any important information. Directly refusing call in the watch, no need to take out the phone from your pocket. After pairing the mobile phone, the date and time will be directly synchronized.
  • ★Sleep Tracking & Physiological Reminder: Automatically record time spent in Light, Deep and Awake sleep stages, and see activity trends with “KingFit”App.Through APP recording the individual physiological cycle and predict the ovulation period,predict and remind the physiological,helping you to improve a healthier lifestyle.
  • ★Compatibility: Support with iOS 8.2 and above and Android 4.4 and higher smartphones (not for iPad, tablet or PC), please install the “KingFit” app in your phone, and pair device.
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    Vito User Manual

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    BingoFit Vito Fitness Tracker Smart Watch

    How to replace your Bingofit new strap

    How to Connect BingoFit Smart Watch with Andriod Phone

    How to charge Bingofit New 2019 new released round smart watch

    How to re-download the KingFit app and connect to your iPhone #BingoFit Vito Smart Watch

    How to adjust metal strap of Bingofit 2019 new released smart watch


    1. Q: What app do you need to download?

      A: You need to install the “KingFit” app on your mobile phone.

    2. Q: Does this come with a charger?

      A: Yes, this smart watch coming with a USB Charging Cable.

    3. Q: What is the size of this wrist?

      A: This wrist size range: 5.9-8.66In

    4. Q: Can i go swimming with this watch?

      A: This watch is Daily Water Resistant, We do not recommend you wear it for taking shower with warm or hot water, diving, swimming.

    5. Q: Can it be used without a phone?

      A: No, this must be connected to your mobile phone Bluetooth.

    6. Q: Is it compatible to Apple phone?

      A: Yes,it can conpatible with iPhone Xr ,The device is compatible with IOS8.0 & above and Android 4.4 & above.

    7. Q: How do I set the smart watch to correct the date and time?

      A: This fitness tracker will self-synchronizing your phone date and time. You only need to connect your phone by bluetooth.

    8. Q: can i answer the call from my watch and talk from my watch? or do i need my phone?

      A: This fitness watch can not answer a phone call, Press and hold the key to hang up the phone or mute.

    9. Q: Does this watch have a blood pressure monitor?

      A: Yes, this watch have a blood pressure monitor.
      Note: The heart rate and blood pressure monitoring are only for reference and can’t take as medical diagnosis.

    10. Q: When you receive a message can it be read on the screen?

      A: After you turn on the message notification feature in the app.
      The watch will notify you in the form of a vibration when someone sends you a message.


    1. Sonya Selvaraj

      Nice surprise!
      The product packaging was great, not problems upon arrival. One good thing to note is it comes with a free screen protector. There is a home button at the bottom that you use to cycle through all the functions. Additionally, the instruction booklet provided tells you how to sync it to your phone and receive notifications and calls! I’d say it’s great for an android user as the UI is very similar. Overall, pretty good!

    2. Amazon Customer

      Great buy for the price
      I waited a week to write my review so I could properly test drive this product. Its a very cute watch and I like that it has 5 different options for the face. You can change them in app. I agree with other users that stated you should set up the app before attempting to connect the watch to your phone. The only slight con that I’ve noticed is that it takes a bit to update your sleep chart after you wake up. i always want to check it while laying in bed and for some reason it wont update while I’m laying down. So I get up and start getting ready and check it on the go. Not a big deal, but worth noting. The app is nice to use and similar to fitbit. The English could be a bit better in some of the phrasing but it’s not unintelligible. I got about 4.5 days battery life out of it, which is about what a fitbit can do. It’s amazingly waterproof! My hands stay wet most the day, as I am a dog groomer. It’s been great so far, and easy to dry off. The glass on the screen is high quality. It hasn’t gotten scratched yet, which is impressive. The heart rate and blood pressure seem accurate and the auto detect for workouts worked immediately. The find my phone function is AWESOME! but you must be near enough for it to work. This is one of my favorite functions on this watch! Notifications come immediately and quite a bit of text can be read on the watch face. All in all this is an EXCELLENT deal for the price.

    3. Family

      Gorgeous smart watch
      I have this watch for about 2 weeks now. This is my first smart watch, so everything is new to me. It has many function besides fitness watch, it takes time to know how to use it. YouTube has NY03 review, it helps me a lot about my new watch! Just be sure to turn on GPS but not only bluetooth so you can connect the watch with smartphone for updating. Works great with my Samsung Note 9. They also provide screen protector,  be sure to wipe off dust around your watch before attaching it to the phone.I’m still testing the accuracy, but it looks not bad when I compare the bpm with my daily life. It’s all related!Edited: the GPS location can turn off after the watch is connected with the kingfit app, as long as the app is on, the watch can kept connecting with the phone.

    4. Svetlana

      Easy and simple:)
      I wanted to buy something not really fancy but still cute and not expensive. This watch is the best choice in middle-price watches. You can  easily paired it with  app. It shows me steps, blood pressure, calories (important for girls!;), and much more!))))  The watch works perfect for me because I am not a gym fan but still wanna be in a good shape;) And one more useful feature is that older people can keep an eye on their blood pressure and heart rate any time without anybody’s help.And there is a vibration mode for incoming calls:-)

    5. Bette

      Feminine and accurate
      I really like that watch is a lot more feminine looking than a lot of the fitness smart watches out there. There were a lot of colors to choose from. Also the round face I much more appealing to look at. I have received several compliments on it! My favorite feature is that I turned on a water reminder. I am terrible at remembering to drink water and this has helped my water intake a ton.  It is also amazing that a watch can have such an accurate blood pressure reading.

    6. time to read

      Great price great product
      This is a nice alternative to expensive trackers. I absolutely love being able to see messages on the watch screen. Battery life is outstanding. I only charge every 10 days and even at that the battery is usually at 50-60 % when I charge. I do miss the function where you can use a persons photo as the watch face. Overall it is a great step tracker and watch. I have purchased 5.

    7. Ak

      A good buy
      I really like this smart watch. It’s easy to use, has good quality and also stylish. Can track my steps, sleep quality, heart rate, exercises data and my PERIOD data. And it’s WATERPROOF, really love it cause I can even swim with it. Its also like other smart phones that sync to my iPhone such as message, call, line, Facebook message, mail….many apps. Besides, I can also control my iPhone camera, this function is so impressed. Now I wear it everyday.

    8. James

      Fitness tracker and Stylish smartwach in One
      This watch is as good as described in its amazon page. It is both a fitness tracker and a stylish smart watch. It has the same functionalities as other fitness trackers (monitors heart rate, sleep, steps, burnt calories, etc). I can receive call and message notifications like a smartwatch when connected to my phone’s bluetooth. It looks good on my wrist because of its nice design and grey strap. The screen has rich colors and clear display. I like that it has magnetic charging cable as it attaches easily to the watch’s charging port.

    9. Rockell & Shawn

      Watch video for details
      Great watch for the price. See video for more details.

    10. mwang

      Recommend buy and great price!!!!
      I have being wanting to buy a smart watch but Apple Watch and Fitbit I think too expensive and other smart watch online I didn’t want to buy because not sure if is good.1)So , I saw this and the review was pretty good and price is very affordable2) the quality actually is pretty good, feels like a expensive smart watch3) super easy to connect . Just remember to read the manual and remember to button is on the bottom of the screen4) it has all the functions I need : heat rate, message alert , reading message on the watch and keep track of ur steps5) the color of the watch is nice , good for everyday uses6) the screen is hd and very clear and the app is very user friendlyDefinitely a good buy

    11. C. Fry

      Great value
      I lost my Apple Watch and was looking for an alternative solution without the cost. I’m liking this watch much more than the Apple Watch.I love the adjustable metal band. Fits snug and doesn’t pull at my arm hairs.Let’s talk blood pressure readings. I was skeptical that this was even possible or accurate. So far, it has been very accurate. I even tried it on a friend that runs hypertensive and it did show a higher reading with a comparison traditional BP reading.  Whaat?!? I love that function.The watch is sleek in design and have received compliments already. Links to the Apple iPhone without any issues. I received my alerts for text messages and phone calls without issues.Another option I like on this watch is the sleep analysis. I knew I wasn’t a great sleeper and this proves it! Gives me a break down of my deep sleep and light sleep times.I wear mine for almost 24 hours a day, less 45 mins in the morning when I recharge.Overall…super happy with this watch and would absolutely recommend. When reading the directions it said tap the watch. Just to clarify, it’s just a light tap on the low end of the watch face where you can see an small black circle.

    12. Rebecca swoboda

      Lots of features, very nice looking
      This is the first smart watch I have ever purchased. So far so good. From a cosmetic perspective it’s perfect, looks super fancy, love the vibrant color display. Set up was easy, and I am impressed with all other the things it monitors although I am a novice to what all of the information translates to. But that is my own learning curve and nothing to do with the tracker itself. It fits well which I was worried about because I have small wrists, but it is comfy and not too bulky.  Still new to me so I am still learning how everything works because there are a lot of features but I am happy with it so far. I got a lot of compliments on it at work and I like that I can replace the pedometer I have been having to wear for my works step challenges. I really wanted to get an idea of my sleep patterns, but I was worried it would bother me to wear it to bed. I was pleasantly surprised that it didn’t. Only thing I noticed is that the pedometer is pretty sensitive. I will update my review as I discover more good or bad or helpful tips. UPDATE: so after wearing this for a few more days I noticed that when I tightened the wrist band not to a point of being too tight but to a point where it wasn’t turning on my wrist as I wore it, that it seemed to fix the issue I was having with the pedometer adding steps inaccurately.

    13. Anastasiia

      It has a lot of functions I originally ordered it thinking it was just a fitness tracker, about to get back to jogging and wanted to keep track of my stats. But this sweet gadget is so much more! First, I really liked the interface and customization options – screen looks juicy and bright, big icons and responsive touch button. Second, this fitness tracker has so many more cool uses to it – it displays your notifications from your phone and can show text/FB messages, which is pretty cool, especially in cases when the phone is buried somewhere deep in the backpack (like mine always). In the same manner, it can control your music app, which is super useful too! And I can’t not mention the design – it’s a slick looking metal watch, looks nice on the wrist and doesn’t feel clunky. And of course, all the actual fitness tracker features are present and work flawlessly. Great product, happy that I got one and would strongly recommend!

    14. AZDad

      So much better than expected!
      I have owned a lot of smart watches, but this one is really, really impressive. My father needed something to remind him to walk and take vital information – this does a great job! Also, have three weeks it still is go working well without charging past the first day setup!Let’s look at some of the details.Pros:-Light and stylish.-Very comfortable strap.-OUTSTANDING battery life!-Heart rate monitor and blood pressure monitor are very accurate.-App works good and is easy to use. Activity tracking is practical.-Watch faces look nice.-Waterproof. I wish my Amazfit Bip could do this.Cons:-More watch faces would be nice, but I do like the ones it has.This watch has been so helpful for my father that I gifted it to. After experiencing a heat condition is really nice to have a good blood pressure monitor right on this write. We were doubtful that this worked, but readers were nearly identical in his doctors office when checked. The medical assistance could not believe it and was ready to purchase one herself.Again, just a great product. I really do not think that we could ask for anything more for the price. It seems almost too cheap to be true, but it’s not – buy with confidence.

    15. Neica Hatley

      Perfect for everyday use or workouts
      I am very happy with the purchase of my new smart watch. My fitbit died, and I needed an affordable replacement and this is perfect! It comes with the smartwatch, screen protector, charger and instruction book. After you download the app, you can pick and choose notifications & link it to your phone. It’s a simple tap on the screen button to scroll the menu and check your steps, heart rate, etc. I love you can change the watch face view in the app and the colors are so vivid and bright. This is a great option for those who don’t want to spend money on a name brand one.

    16. happyxin

      The silver color looks expensive
      I purchased this for the fitness function but fall in love with the look. I like big watch and it adds neutral look for the outfit. I am an office lady that wear business casual and suit a lot, so this watch provides another layer of fashion. Obviously the best part is the fitness function. I don’t carry my phone during lunch break anymore. Lunch and then then a walk, I know exactly how much I exercised. Charged about four days ago, the battery still goes strong. Good product.

    17. Yvonne M. Bigar

      BingoFit Fitness Tracker Smart Watch
      I have to say I love this watch after I educated myself about it’s operation.  I bought one for my husband for Father’s Day it is really super easy to operate once you get used to using the button at the bottom instead of trying to use is as a touch screen.  The watch is a great value and I love the tech support if you don’t understand how something on the watch works.  It will work it’s a matter of learning how to use it.  Thanks we love our new watches.

    18. P.

      Simple and staright forward to use.
      This watch is totally worth the money you spend. It has a large screen, sharp looking and it’s very easy to set up. This watch is android compatibility which meets my need as I use a Samsung phone. It is light, not at all heavy on the wrist even for a small female like me. The wrist band is a nice soft plastic that is very flexible. It has 5 diff watch faces, which is awesome. Most of the functions you expect to have, it has it all. HR monitor, Sleep tracker, alarm, sports tracking, stopwatch, find your phone and etc… They even give you a screen protector for free. Can’t say more about how much I like this watch.Overall, this is a pretty good watch for the money you spend. You can’t go wrong with this great watch!

    19. Christopher Ellis

      Pertty Awesome for the money – silver metal band is very nice.
      Great looks.  Great Display.  Great Price.  Very easy to use with the Kingfit software.  Has 5 display options to help zero in on what you track.  Comes in metric or standard (Set with app.)  I love the sleep tracker and the BP monitor. I’m not having any battery life issues people have mentioned.  (I turned the “Turn Wrist Sensitivity” off, so it only comes on when I tap it and have had great battery life. About 6-7 days.)  Also has a “Find your phone” feature and can play text messages and alerts for several programs.  I looked at more expensive competitors like FitBit, but I just found you get a lot more bang for your buck with this brand.  Very easy to use, very elegant, and good accuracy as far as I can tell.  Very satisfied customer.  Have already recommended to friends, family, and anyone who will listen.

    20. Eileen H

      Great smart watch with  affordable price
      This is my second smart sport watch I purchased. It is for my 14 years old boy. He it is very active and enjoys sports a lot. He has been using it for more than 2 weeks and he love this watch.GPS, counting steps, sport timing, checks heart rate, calculate calories, message notification, sleeping monitor, water proof, free app to connect to smartphone and it’s stylish and comfortable… It allows him to customized the notifications from the phone app, just like he said “it is more than enough for me”, and I have to agree that it is perfect for my son.Because I got my watch a week before this one in the same price range, I can’t help to compare those 2 watches. I think this watch is kind of too simple. It doesn’t have as much functions as my watch, can’t swipe the screen, and it only has one sport mode. However, having a strong customer service is a plus for this watch. My son broke his watch band when he was doing soccer. I emailed the seller to ask if can I purchase a replacement watch baband, not only I got a quick response and they also offered me a free banñd As a one time courtesy.Why spend more on an expensive watch when you can get all the features you need with this Smart Watch and a much cheaper price It is perfect for my son.

    21. Alicia Sanders

      Love this over my Apple Watch ACTUALLY
      This watch is So close to Or as pretty as my apple series 3 watch that was $$$… I got this for my mom! And I’m tempted to gift her my Apple Watch because this watch is so stylish and I LOVE the display screen. It charged REALLY fast. It was dead and charged in like an hour. Also I like it better than the Fitbit I had before the Apple Watch. I hated the Fitbit because you had to take it apart to charge it. This is as simple as magnets like an appleS

    22. Lauren Mom of Three

      Exactly what I wanted.
      The watch I received (model IP68) is exactly what I wanted.  The options are time, steps, heart rate, blood pressure,  sleep, sport and shut down.  The sport mode only shows steps; it does not have the option to select different types of exercise.  I wanted something simple and this is it.  I don’t have it linked to my phone (only to set time).  I have worn it for about a month now.  The battery life is about three days.  I have checked the accuracy of the heart rate and blood pressure and it’s not off by much.  I think for the price, this was a great buy.

    23. Lizz Fahrbach

      My daughter loves it.
      Bought this watch for my daughter in the gray color, she loves all her electronics in white and this is the closest I found to white band. This fitness watch is a fantastic alternative to those really expensive apple, Samsung and fitbit watches. It can do everything those watches can do except answer a call on it, not a bad trade off at all. The circle design makes it look classy and expensive but it’s amazingly affordable. It has 5 different face widgets, all are simple designs. Everything you do and the way you setup your watch goes through the app, like others suggested, download and set up the app first, then sync your watch to it. I ran into no problems doing it that way. This smart watch does everything my daughter needs it to.

    24. CanAM47

      I needed something to replace my Charge 2 without breaking the bank
      My Fitbit Charge 2 bit the dust twice within a 2 year period and frankly I just wanted something decent without breaking the bank. This fitness tracker for the price is unbeatable. The heart rate accuracy is on par with my OTF burn heart rate monitor which costs $100 and doesn’t even have a screen.  I am not too sure about the BP monitor , but for calorie burn tracking it is more than sufficient. I’ve gone 5 days without recharging and I feel step count is not over-inflated like my charge 2 was . Stylish, durable and great for the price ! The wrist straps have easy remove spring latches for simplifying band switch out.


      Very nice smart fitness watch
      This is a nice watch. Big clear screen with a bright display that can easily be seen outdoors. It’s very comfortable to wear and is a good size. It’s packed full of features that sync nicely with the companion app. The app is very easy to use and displays the synced data in a way that’s easy to read and useful for my GP to monitor! It monitors blood pressure, heart rate, steps and even blood oxygen levels which was a nice surprise. Not sure of its completely accuracy just yet but will be putting it through it’s paces to test. Overall I’m very impressed with the capabilities of this watch and am looking forward to seeing how this holds up long term

    26. Christy

      Very pleased
      I bought this fitness tracker for my granny because she’s always calling us over to check her blood pressure after looking at a couple of different fitness tracker I decided to buy this one and I’m glad I did because she loves it  don’t get me wrong she still calls us lol but the app is very simple to use this fitness track does everything Counts steps, heartrate monitor, messages, runs camera and a lot more really nicely made

    27. Atomic Zen

      Sleek smart watch
      Nice build quality and I love that it came with 2 bands. Charger is magnet so it’s a satisfying click when connected. Paired easily with my Android phone.

    28. Rocky

      Beautiful smart watch
      After loving how it looked when I opened the package, I have used this beauty replacing my other smartwatch. This is an elegant watch with the features of a smart watch. No issues using it with my Android phone.Pretty good battery life, lasted 5 days with me using it’s features constantly, and still had about 25% left. And you can wear it around while you brush teeth, shave etc, waterproof as well. I love how it looks on my wrist.

    29. dayinlo

      nice product
      The Bingofit has a nice design that looks amazingly high class.After sleeping with the BingoFit a few nights, you don’t even notice you are wearing that you are wearing the BingoFit.  I like the BingoFit’s wristband because it is comfortable.  BingoFit’s pedometer is better than my phone’s pedometer.  If you don’t want to spend $400 for an iWatch this is a nice alternative for a Pedometer, heart monitor, bloodpressure monitor, etc.

    30. Mackenzie

      Love the Look – Not Impressed Otherwise
      I really wanted to love this watch. It has a round face like I wanted & it had a good looking face on it + it’s waterproof. I wanted something different than the Fitbit – I had the Alta HR & I’m not huge into square/rectangle faces on watches….but, the overall product is just “eh”. The watch doesn’t stay connected to my phone or app. I have to constantly go into the app & reconnect the watch. My watch doesn’t pick up on any of my text messages or phone calls, even though I’ve enabled them. The touchscreen is sensitive so I’m not having to continuously tap until it comes on, but the “lift wrist” sensor doesn’t always work well either.I guess I’ll pay the big bucks for a Samsung Galaxy or get a better Fitbit watch instead *sigh*August 2, 2019 Update: Spoke with the company about my issues I was having & they were able to help diagnose the issue! The technical team/customer service rep was very helpful. If you have issues with your watch, reach out to them for assistance  🙂 thank you for your help! (Changed from 2 stars to 5 stars!!)

    31. Cindy

      Great fitness tracker
      My coworker noticed this fitness tracker smart watch right away. The design is great. I can see the details in bigger screen. The battery life time is longer and charge quickly. Like most of the fitness tracker, it keeps my sleep data, BMI, heart rate… etc. I can see the record from the app. I get notifications on messages as well as application msg too. I also get reminder on meetings.It stays on very comfortable on my wrist. Perform just as good as other fitness tracker.

    32. Kevin

      Great item, great price and great quality
      I always want to have a smart watch, this is a great entry level smart watch.It was way better than i expected When i first open it, the quality of the material is great, very easy to use. It have the message notification and incoming call notification, which is great help for me since i don’t need to pull out the phone from pocket if i know some notification is not too important, save me a lot of time. going to buy another one for my wife, very nice item.

    33. oksana

      Love love
      I love this watch! Such a great value! Highly recommend this if you need a little extra motivation to keep moving!The Bingo lite fits great and keeps track of my steps, workouts and sleep patterns with pretty good accuracy. I’ve only had mine for a few days, but I am already favorably impressed with it. By tracking my steps and hr, I’ve learned what I need to do to lose a few pounds. At the end of the day I’m able to accurately pinpoint how many steps I’ve taken and can push myself a little bit more everyday. I recommend this for everyone. Not just to lose weight but for a healthy lifestyle as well.

    34. V.V.

      So Chic & Useful!!
      I love how this phone looks. I took a shower with it today, and it is “A” okay! Love that my text messages come through this phone, because I’m always moving around the place. Love the functions and gives me a daily goal. Love this mesh band. Sooo happy with this watch. And now when we take selfies, because my arm isn’t long enough I can snap with the watch. And the find your phone option is really cool too!! Enjoy!!

    35. Josh Gavrich

      Lots of functionality for the price
      Being trying out different smartwatches for a while. This is a great watch.I found the Blood pressure monitor takes some time before it is accurate. Add in a profile and some data points from a calibrated BP monitor and it will get better.I like the look and feel of the watch. They sell silicone bands for those who would prefer it. If you have long hair, it might get caught in the metal mesh easily.

    36. Jamie Kim

      exercise tool
      when I first got this I thought it would be bit big for me since I have thin arm. but it did fit well to my arm and it was pretty adjustable to really smaller size. screen was full-touch screen so it was easy to explore all the functions.well, I haven’t fully explored all the functions yet but I hope to use this lot during exercise ( I really do need to exercise harder, hope this helps)

    37. Amazon Customer

      Amazing customer service!!!
      We bought this for my son (12) who really wanted a smart watch. Cost/benefit of this watch was (and it really is) very very good. So we got it and first two days was great, he was happy. Unfortunately from one day to the other it stopped working. I reached out to the company that sold this to us thru Amazon. They asked me a few questions and sent me a new charger to see if that would solved the issue. It didn’t. So they shipped me a new smart watch. We got it and he has been wearing it since then 24/7. This one works perfect and he is super happy. This smartwatch does everything you need. It could look a bit big, but not too big. It works great and again the post sale service has been excellent. I promise if the BingoFit team wouldn’t be this good I would probably have complained. However thanks to Vicky and her team I have to give them 5 stars with no hesitation. This company has great future due their business practice!! I will probably buy one for my mother and I would give this as a gift to a friend.

    38. Lauren Mom of Three

      Good monitors
      I really loved the way it looks. This is NOT a flimsy watch. It’s sleek design looks nice I get a lot of compliments. Now the cons I can’t figure out how to answer calls and the text messages scroll by way too fast to read. The app is too sensitive says I have taken 1000’s of steps when I have done maybe 50.  All in all an okay monitor of bp and heart rate which is what I bought it for.

    39. 78 Cards Fan

      Great value and performance.
      This watch has thoroughly surprised me. I was skeptical at best about spending just over 40 dollars on a fitness tracking watch that claimed to be waterproof.  Any doubt has been cast away. I like to swim and often go to water parks with my family so waterproof was a must. My previous fitness tracker was the TomTom Spark and it is a marvelous tool but is quite a bit more expensive. I still have it and it works great but I work in an office and was looking for something with similar attribute but has less utilitarian look to it.  I also didn’t want it to break the bank so I gambled on this gem. Three reasons for buying this one over others. 1. Onboard heart rate monitor. 2. It had the look I wanted. 3. Price.#3 was what concerned me. No way was there going to be any kind of performance at this price. I am happily wrong. I have had it for a couple weeks now. I have used it at gym, in sauna, and in a water park it has performed every function admirably and without hesitation.One complaint but it is minor because I still have the TomTom as a second device. In Sport mode what you see is what you get(see attached photo).  That’s it. Just basic parameters. Overall it is fine but if you are looking for something to calculate distance, laps, or pace when running cycling etc this won’t do it. Thankfully when I’m at the gym what I want to know is how long and how many calories. This device takes care of that and does so well.Considering this for basic tracking in an asthetically pleasing design?  Don’t hesitate pick it up today.

    40. Dawn Pingel

      I like the fact that it is waterproof.
      I bought this particular Fitness Tracker for tracking my fitness along with being waterproof. My  job has me outside in the elements at times and knowing I don’t have to worry about it getting wet is a BIG plus! I also bought it because the screen was larger and I could read the numbers. It did take me a little bit to figure out how to use it but overall it’s been doing exactly what I wanted it for. The battery has lasted over three days before having to charge it which is also an added bonus. The price was right as well. Would recommend this to others.

    41. Stephen

      Most pleasant customer service experience
      Love this watch! I initially bought the black one as I wanted something to keep time while training my clients at the gym and track my steps while on vacation. I wore it everyday but found that I was having to charge the battery overnight so I wasn’t really able to track my sleep. Before reviewing I emailed the company and spoke with Vicky who was very helpful. I told her the battery wasn’t lasting after reading reviews that it would last for days. Turns out I just got a bad batch and Vicky sent me a gray watch, free of charge so now I would have 2 different color bands to change out. Charged it yesterday, used it to track my sleep, and the battery is still going strong!!

    42. JD

      a stylish accessory with additional features
      I bought this tracker for my brother. And this is stylish, inexpensive, compact watch which has many functions, holds charging for a long time.I am not afraid of Chinese technology.  I have Lenovo laptop for almost five years and other smart watches for almost all my family.I am satisfied with all these gadgets: they are smart, they are not buggy and they perform their functions.  Yes, the words “Made in China” used to be a sign of something cheap and of poor quality.  Now everything is done there, the main production capacities of most world corporations are concentrated in China.  So why not. I recommend

    43. James

      Sleek comfortable and useful!
      I thought this watch would just be a really cheap plastic one and I was wrong. It’s touch screen interface is really amazing! I have an iPhone X and needed a watch for work so I can see my notifications on my watch instead of pulling out my phone. The notifications I get on my watch are instant from the moment I get it on my phone. The monitors in it are amazing as well. Water proof tested as well, works great.

    44. George

      Purple rocks!
      I got the purple one and love it!  The screen is actually readable for messages.  The strap is a little flimsy but perhaps that is to add to the lightweight of the watch itself.  Also on the screen, it’s thick but that just makes all the more difficult to crack the screen.  Overall, I love the watch.  Very stylish and attractive.  I didn’t mind paying more either.

    45. alon

      Easy to set up. Different options for watch interface. Love it!
      Very easy to set up with the app. I like how this app has several different interfaces that I can choose from.This fitness watch’s get a “take photo” feature, which I have never had with my previse fitness watch. Takes a little time to figure out, but I like it.I like how this watch had this stylish look with round screen. Very cute!

    46. Jim

      A Fantastic Smartwatch
      This smartwatch is fashionable. It not only tells you the time but also help track your health. As shown in the pictures, I can check how many steps I walk, energy consumption and how far I have walked today. Therefore, if I want to lose weight, I can use this watch to see how many calories I have consumed to see whether I achieve my goal. Most importantly, it’s easy to adjust from the time mode to health mode by touching the side of watch’s screen. As a result, it’s really handy and convenient if you want to check the time while you’re walking and looking at how many steps you have walked.

    47. Amazon Customer

      NOPE!  Don’t buy.  (I was not happy with the others)
      STILL no response from seller; don’t buy.  Apparently they don’t stand behind their products that break.UPDATE TO UPDATE:  NO RESPONSE FROM SELLER ABOUT IT BREAKING!UPDATE: the connector where the watch connects to the band, it broke!!  This was my 4th fitness watch. Two bought from Amazon and one from a store. For one reason or another, I was not happy with the others.  This one works great, stays on my arm, is waterproof and the display can be seen easier in the sun.  IT’S A KEEPER!

    48. C. Carson

      Pretty decent buy
      I bought it on a whim, like a lot of people have. The watch looks pretty good and is remarkable solid. There’s no buttons or any controls other than the touch circle at the bottom the ‘watch face’. The first time I setup/synced it with my Android, it needed to be connected to charging cable. The cable is slick…. it has magnets to lock it into place rather than an actual plug. They’re alternate polarity so you can only clip it in one direction.It’s a watch and a Heart rate monitor and basic health tracker. But, the most fascinating feature is the blood pressure checker. Somehow, this thing can ‘scan’ your BP without constricting your wrist. It has a feature on the phone that allows you to adjust sensor to whatever your BP measurement is at a doctor’s office. I haven’t done that yet, but the tracking of the heart rate is handy. There is also a sleep monitor feature, too. It measures wake, light and deep sleep.The phone app tracks the various features over time, allowing you to review using calendar to zip around.A feature I haven’t used too much is the ‘Running’ tracker. You can switch the reporting between GPS or Bracelet movement. I also haven’t activated the text/phone alert feature…where it displays them on the phone….no point for me since phone is always with me, too.At any rate, this device is indeed a good find. It’s solid. Looks good. Has the function/features of devices in the $90-200+ (USD) range. The battery lasts at least 4 days. I’ve not run it out of juice, so I can’t say for certain how much further than that it’d go…maybe another day or two?

    49. Chelle

      Super easy to use. Lightweight but durable. This is an awesome watch! I bought this as a gift but tried it out ahead of time 🙂 Now I’m going to get myself one.

    50. Sophie

      The fitness tracker is great quality
      This smart watch fitness tracker is great quality, strap is very comfy and soft to wear it. Large round screen with colorful display, very clear and eye catching to look at it. Bought this one cause I like modern design look, looks like normal watch and it is snatch watch the same time. Bought myself with purple strap for feminine look, but if needed for men you can buy black one, so it’s unisex really.

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