BingoFit Young Kids Activity Tracker Waterproof Pedometer Watch, Digital Alarm Clock Step Calorie Sleep Health Tracker

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  • 💜 【Daily Tracking & Heart Rate】 Track your daily steps, distance and calories, helping you do exercise scientifically and reach your goals; continuous, automatic, wrist-based heart rate tracking, get to know your heart rate at any time and get a better understanding of your fitness level
  • 💜 【Sleep Monitor & 8 Cute Wtach Face】Automatically track your sleep duration and consistency with comprehensive analysis of sleep quality data; wake you up peacefully with a silent vibrate alarm.8 selected watch include analog face,fit your different day.
  • 💜 【Smart Notifications & Long Press to Hang Up Phone Call】Remind call, SMS and SNS notifications, find your phone function, sedentary alert, alarm clock, GPS tracking, timed monitoring, long press to hang up phone call when you are not conveniently.
  • 💜 【Multi-sports Mode】Supports 5 common sports mode including running, cycling, basketball, football, sit-ups, you can choose the mode you like on the bracelet
  • 💜 【Wider Compatibility】 Download and install the free App “CC Band” by scanning the QR code or searching in Google Play or Apple App Store. It is compatible with Bluetooth 4.0, IOS 9.0&Android 4.4 or above smartphone ( Not compatible with SAMSUNG J3, HUAWEI P8, WINDOWS, IPAD)
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    BingoFit Young Kids Fitness Tracker


    1. Q: Can i use the tracker without installing the app?

      A: it will track your step and monitor your heart rate, it will be automatic clear all of data on the 0.00am when you not connected the app. So we suggest download CcBand and bind the device with the app. if you want to receive call &message notification or set alarm, etc.

    2. Q: How large can the band expand to?

      A: Wrist circumference about during 4.3 to 7.8inch(11-20cm)

    3. Q: how do i get the correct time and date on it? i can’t find the setting button

      A: it will automatic sync time and date when you connected the watch with the phone. How to connect the watch with your phone. 1. Make sure your phone bluetooth is ON. 2. Go to “EveryFit” App, on the bottom toolbar go to “Device” tab. 3. Select “ADD A DEVICE”, search the device named “SW302”, tap to connect. 4. Keep your tracker awake while searching, the tracker will synchronize time with your phone after paired Note:please do not pair the tracker from bluetooth list directly.

    4. Q: Can you reply to messages via the watch?

      A: Very sorry, but the watch cannot reply message, when you receiving a call or other messages from SNS or SMS, the bracelet will remind you by vibration

    5. Q: I dont’ have a smart phone. Do I need one to use this fitness tracker?

      A: It will track your step and monitor your heart rate, it will be automatic clear all of data on the 0.00am when you not connected the app. So we suggest download CcBand and bind the device with the app. if you want to receive call &message notification or set alarm, etc.

    6. Q: Is it sepearate charger?

      A: It is a rechargable battery by USB. Please remove the USB side and insert it to computer or Charger head, it’s very convenience.

    7. Q: I want to record some data when i sit-ups,is it ok?

      A: Of course, it will record the calories burned and activity time etc. Including five sport modes, running,basketball,football,cycling and sit-ups.

    8. Q: Can I sync more than 1 with the app? For example if I wanted 1 for myself and additional for my family?

      A: One watch just connected one phone, if you want to connected with other device, you need to untie the binding at first

    9. Q: How do i reset the totals back to zero to start the next day?

      A: It will reset on the 0.00am by itself, the data will kept on the app if you have connected with the app.

    10. Q: How to charge it? How long can the battery last?

      A: Please remove the USB side and insert it to computer or Charger head, it’s very convenience. It can be used 4-5 days when full charged


    1. Modelmomof6

      Easy set up and use
      Fast shipping! I’ve never had one before but this one was so easy to set up and use. I can now track a lot of what I do while I’m at work or home.

    2. Matt Hironimus

      Good Value Fitness Tracker
      Not neccessarily the nicest fitness tracker. However, it costs way less than rivals making it a good value proposition.

    3. Sara Smith

      Very good for the price!
      This is a sleek, simple smart watch. The battery lasts all day. I really love this. It’s great for the price! I would give as a gift as well.

    4. tasia holdman

      Great features!
      Great watch. It says its for kids but fits around ny adult wrist. I like the notifications you get from fb.. neat! Will get another one for my kid this time lol�

    5. Ita

      Great battery life
      With only one charge the battery is still going.  Now it’s been 8 days already and the battery is still show 80% charge.  All the features and easy to use and track.  This is a really good value smart watch.

    6. venpul

      My son likes this watch
      My kid love this watch because of light weight, comfortable, fancy design and colors, He love to use step challenges and remainder alarms, amazing battery life best watch for kids in  affordable price in range.I will definitely recommend this watch to  my friends

    7. Ginger S

      I use this for fitness & my sleep progress.
      I am not getting enough sleep and this smartwatch fit watch does what they told me in email. It recorded me when i kept waking up and light sleeping.  Just what i needed.

    8. ka

      Good product!
      I have been using the Bingo Fit for a while now. So far I very enjoy it. You could adjust the watch to your right size. The color screen makes you understand the logo a lot easier. The fitness tracker helps me to count my daily steps, distance traveled, calories burned and my heart rate. It is a good product, I will recommend these watch to others.

    9. Martybeth

      Easy to charge and use
      I ordered this for my little girl.  I have an activity tracker that is similar, KI chose something else for her because I knew mine would not size down to fit her wrist small enough.  I also wanted to get one in a fun color for her.  She is seven, and this sizes down enough.  She and I have been doing taekwondo together for the past year, she wanted one because I wear mine to class.  She wanted to track her activity like mommy.  She loves the color, software works fine with an old, disconnected iPhone.  Battery life is several days, and it charges easily by plugging in directly to a USB.  I love that there are no special chargers to keep up with!

    10. Rivountain

      Great bracelet and impressive interaction
      I love the color. It is easy and fast to charge the bracelet. And the user manual is really helpful and detailed.  I would like to use it to monitor my sleep quality with the cc Band App as shown in the pictures.

    11. Jessica Hallsted

      I’d buy it again, in diffrent colors. I love the color screen!
      Hey watch my review…one thing I forgot is that it has USB charge, super quick. And it came 100%charged!

    12. Eagle

      Nice intro tracker
      Nice intro tracker for kids with all the basics they need. It is very similar in look to the Fitbit Alta which my son likes. It does. A good job of keeping track of steps which is the primary thing we wanted. I like that the charging if done by detaching part of the wrist strap and plugging it directly into a usb charger so there are no device specific chargers to keep track of. It doesn’t need to be charged very often. It’s easy to use both the app and the watch functions. We’re happy with it.

    13. Sherrrrrrr

      Worth for the price!
      I usually don’t write a review, but this watch is worth to buy. I would like to buy another one for my daughter.

    14. CVB

      Fun and Useful Ftiness Tracker Watch that kids will love
      Perfect for kids.  Very light, cute color options (black also available), colorful screen display; easy to use.  There is a silent vibrate which can be used like an alarm clock without the noise.  It’s also very affordable, so this is a perfect gift for kids who like watches that do more than tell time.  Accurate and has long battery life.

    15. Max

      smart watch
      The watch works very well. The watch does a really good job of  tracking your steps and your activities. The watch has a nice feather that when I move my wrist the watch turns on so I can see the time. Its a nice small and compact watch that’s not bulky on your wrist like some others. Over all its a good watch for the price!The only down side is that it doesn’t have a very good battery

    16. Max

      The watch works very well. The watch does a really good job of  tracking your steps and your activities. The watch has a nice feather that when I move my wrist the watch turns on so I can see the time. Its a nice small and compact watch that’s not bulky on your wrist like some others. Over all its a good watch for the price!The only down side is that it doesn’t have a very good battery
      Honestly one of the best $30 purchases I have made.I needed a watch that was slim for work as I work security where poker chips are a concern. This watch has been so perfect for what I do. I walk 7-10 miles a night while at work so it’s nice to be able to monitor my heart and how many steps I take. Plus side is that I can set silent alarms for me to remember to be at a certain place at a certain time which makes work so much easier.I highly recommend this watch.It’s also perfectly sized as I have relatively large wrists and it fits super comfortably with plenty more notches to go!

    17. Francine Assis

      Excellent product
      This watch is excellent very beautiful easy to use bought for my daughter she loved it, is safe for children everything works perfectly.This is a great product to give away, it’s beautiful and functional.I loved this watch I will buy another for my son I recommend this product for being of excellent quality.

    18. Dai

      Good MONEY value
      I strongly recommend you to have this one. First of all, it arrived really fast in less than 2 days of order. Second, the appearance to me, is much better looking than the iwatch. Well I might be too subjective but I do like the black color very much. Third, as for the functions, they are very impressive since you use it. Easy set up for starters and I can teach my parents how to use it. Very convenient and strongly recommend.

    19. David

      great tracker
      my son is using it all the time, jogging, biking, even sleeping. he said that it is still working well in the rain. it helps him working out correctly. he loves the phone app function so much without looking at the phone too muck.  he does not have to charge it too often.

    20. Andy Li

      A nice addition
      The BingoFit was perfect for when I went on my 10k runs. It keeps track of everything for me, I don’t have to keep everything on my phone. Would get it again if I lose it.

    21. Anushlamar9212

      Nice to have this fitness tracker
      It can be charged minimally by detaching one end of strap band into USB port for a couple of hours to get it full charged without need of separate charging adapter for it. So far I have realized the full charge holds for at least 2 days. So far I have used it to count steps, distance traveled while running along with calories burned.

    22. Alice

      9 years old boy loves it.
      I bought this wristband for my son as his 9 years old birthday gift. It has many functions, but the most interesting part to my son is to trace how many footsteps he walked. Amazingly to find it out he can reach 10km almost everyday! I am considering to buy one for myself.

    23. Suzie B

      Good value, great for adilst with small wrists
      I just received it so far ok.  I will be happy to write a better review when I have had a chance to put it into use.  I chose a child size because my wrists are small.  Hope it works out for me.

    24. Summer

      Best Value for Such a Low Price
      What you can expect for an activity tracker for under $30? This product is well built and accurate in measurement. I am surprised about its quality given the price. It does everything a FitBit tracker does, with 10 times lower price. Extremely recommended!

    25. Elim

      Great watch for kid
      Great product for kids!!I bought this watch for my neice’s birthday gift.Very user friendly and my neice love using them and keeping track of their progress.My neice wears it everyday.I am happy about this purchase .Absolutely Great watch!

    26. Rona Chen

      Light smart watch
      Light smart watch with good battery. I would say it is ok to buy. But maybe next time i will buy something looks cute.

    27. Rebecca West

      Keeps up with my daughter
      My daughter wanted a fitness tracker, but since shes a kid I didnt.wamt to spend a lot.  I bought some other REALLY cheap ones, they fell apart.  This one seems to be holding up with her gymnastics, soccer, and regular life really well.  Very happy with this purchase.

    28. Claude

      I would recommend this
      Arrived really fast and packaged really well. I am very impressed on first glance. It is adjustable, not only does it fit my 11 year old, it also fits me and I have super massive wrists. I love the color and it looks brilliant on. This fitness tracker has many functions and is very impressive. It’s easy to set up and very easy to charge. I love this and would recommend this.

    29. Melanie Oberg

      Great tracker !
      Great little tracker for a teen! Honestly does everything my fitbit does for a lot less money !  Connects with phone, receives texts, alerts, reminders, and steps & HR!Purchased for my 13 year old son. Looks stylish. Great color.

    30. Bradley H. Butcher

      Good watch, good customer service
      We bought this for our daughter and she loves all the features. The display is not super easy to use, but my 7 & 10 year old daughters have been able to figure it out. They really like to track their calories burned while Playing sports. The USB broke about a month after we bought it, but the company sent a new one right away and the exchange process was super simple.

    31. Audre Hartman

      What time is it
      This is the prettiest color purple. Kids size but actually adjusts and fit my arm. Easy to set up and battery life is super long. Works step by step with the mobile app to make things simple. Nice and streamline so no bulkiness.

    32. Jonathan Arguello

      Sleek look and useful at a reasonable price
      This holds its charge well. Mine lasted for about 3 days. I bought this for use when I swim or garden and get exposed to water or dirt. This one is a handy and affordable substitute. As described, this can measure your heart rate, count steps, and sync with your phone to use apps or show your phone notifications/messages.  Overall, this is a good buy for the price I paid, and for my purposes.

    33. June S

      Good Fitness Tracker!!
      I love this fitness tracker because it is very slim and compact.Also, I love the sedentary reminder while I am working.I can stretch my body when it reminds me.Cheap, but really powerful. I think this one is better than Fit bit.

    34. Rafa

      Does what I need!!
      This watch does EVERYTHING it advertises. So far I have tested much of what is advertised and the watch has not disappointed. I liked it so much I bought my wife one! Although I have only had this product for a few days, it is mind-blowing how many things it can track and provide information about. Heart rate, calories, notifications, stress, energy, auto-tracking runs, sleep, and more.

    35. Simon

      I really like this fitness tracker!
      I really like this fitness tracker! It looks really great and it looks very chic! I ordered the black fitness tracker and it comes with a black strap and some silver detail around the face of the tracker and on the strap! It is is very light and easy to wear! I think it is really important for a fitness tracker to be light so it doesn’t interfere in every day activities and when you are doing exercise so this is really important to me! It is also super comfortable on the skin which is also very important!

    36. zhifanghu

      Very useful
      This product is very useful when exercising in the morning for me because I get to tract how much steps I took and check the time. It’s very good because it’s small and I very like the color( teal ).

    37. Ian

      Good product to track my path and heart rate

    38. T.B.

      Works great
      The activity tracker is what I was looking for to count my steps and do other things. The battery life is good for me, I don’t have to charge it every day. The display is kinda small but this is what I want, I don’t like big screens on my arm. The heart rate monitor works well. Really recommend it if your budget is limited.

    39. Crazy Shopper

      Great Device
      I like that this is light weight. You hardly feel it on your arm. It’s easy to use, it looks great. The price was right which makes it even better. I find that the accuracy is pretty spot on. I personally like keeping track of how many steps I get in checking my heart rate and this those that I don’t need anything super expensive

    40. Mandy H.

      Slim and comfortable for a child
      My youngest wanted a tracker because everyone else had one too. I love the slim design because it isn’t overbearing on his small wrists. It’s easy to use and charges super fast.

    41. Suzie B

      Value for money
      Every time you leave, the phone loses its functionality, which is annoying, but it tells me how many calories I burned, how far I walked, what steps I took, and it syncs well with my iPhone. With the exception of more expensive options like Fitbit, it’s a good choice. All of these things display notifications on your tracker, take about a week to recharge, and are quick and easy to charge from the tracker’s USB port. You won’t regret this purchase, especially at such a lovely price point.

    42. Nathan Miller

      Great for kids
      Bought this for our 3 year old and she LOVES feeling included in the fitness and step tracking. The price is right for a child’s step tracker. It’s well made and easy to charge.

    43. ShestheMOST

      Good Alternative to Fit Bit
      This is a great alternative to a fit bit. made of great material, pretty solid. This fitness tracker is not like a cheap pedometer. Its a good quality and can be used for teenagers and adults too.

    44. Jaclyn

      Light weight
      This was a great product.  I used it at a conference I worked and it accurately tracked my steps and activity.  It wasn’t bulky or heavy at all.

    45. J. McDaniel

      Great quality despite the lack of Google fit
      This fitness tracker has decent quality – the construction isn’t top notch, but it isn’t bottom rung either. The band isn’t actually purple, but more like a bright magenta. The functions are quite accurate, and the app is very well made – it’s thorough while retaining a low impact on my phones battery. The only thing I can seriously find wrong with this tracker is that the app CC Band doesn’t sync with Google Fit.

    46. Rosie Tran

      Pretty and useful!! In love!
      I purchased this product to keep track on my daily workout and I’m totally in love with it. I enjoy it. It is really comfortable to wear. It is easy to pair through the app, then date and time will be synchronized immediately. I can keep track with my records through my phone which is awesome.The battery performance is great. It can last for several days. This USB charger is such a game changer!! I can plug it in to any of my USB chargers, not any specific charger that I have to use for. The black comes out so pretty!!totally worth it for the price!!

    47. Jack Page

      Works Well
      This is my first fitness watch.  The watch fits well and the band has been very durable.  It was easy to set up on my android phone.  I did have to shut down the phone and reboot it to have the phone software start.  One issue is that the you cannot see the readout on the phone in bright sunlight but it has not been a problem.  The battery charges easily by placing it in a usb port on your computer or a usb charger from another of your items after you have removed the short band from the watch.  You have to pry the band from the watch but it also seems quite durable.

    48. Kickstar

      Easy to Use
      I really like this tracker, it is so easy to use.  The app downloaded and the watch paired to my phone without issue.  I especially like the heart rate monitor.  The thin lightweight band is perfect for me.  I have small wrists and the design is perfect for me.  One of the best features is how well it is made, very durable and has a long battery life for those of us that work with hour hands and can’t sit around waiting for our watch/tracker to charge up.

    49. The Chings

      Not just for kids
      I’m not a young kid… this is my first fitness tracker and I am loving it! It’s sleek and comfy, and love that it comes with one of my fave color, purple. The display is easy to read, and it gives you the basics at a glance: instant text messages, time, steps, calories burned, heart rate, active minutes, distance walked. Happy with my purchase, and I believe that this tracker will last me a good while!

    50. Niesha

      Fitness tracker
      I was a bit on the fence about getting this product as it was described as a kids device but I got it anyway.  I was pleasantly surprised by its sleek design and that the wristband had several holes making it easy to adjust to my small wrist. I wore it for a few days , simultaneously using my Samsung s9 for comparison of readings and I found the device to be accurate and easy to understand.  I loved that the tracker was an easy way to keep  track of steps taken and other things. The battery life was fair and the app easy to understand.  I will say that  it is a bit hard to read in the sunlight but still doable and a great bargain. I will be getting one for my mum for Christmas.  There are quite a few fun colors available.

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